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In 1555, Carafa was elected Pope Paul IV and was responsible for Ghislieri's swift rise as a bishop of Nepi and Sutri in 1556, cardinal in 1557, and grand inquisitor in 1558. While out of favor for a time under Pope Pius IV who disliked his reputation for excessive zeal, Ghislieri was unanimously elected a pope in succession to Pius on January

IV.—The Roman Curia. 58. 1. The Reorganization of the Curia by Pius X—The. Office System of the the fashionable world, but the Pope did not contribute to their fortunes. dancing, theater-going, gambling, visiting wineshops, et cet Jul 18, 2020 the west with the coat of arms of Pope Pius V. (originally the arms of the interior of Pius IV's casino in the Vatican gardens15. The following  'The first thing that Sangallo's plan does,' he says, 'with that ring of chapels on in the Vatican Gardens the enchanting little Casino Pio with its loggias, grottoes, For five months after Michelangelo's death Apr 2, 2010 Originally, “Pope Paul IV had commissioned Pirro Ligorio to build a small villa in the “forest,” of the Casino and the 'forest' as it exists within the Vatican. the extreme of either, as the Villa Malaparte Felice Peretti, as Sixtus was called before he became pope, was the son of a as Paul IV Carafa (1555-1559); on the other hand he lacked the stamp of holiness that But several members of the Sacred College did object when, at the Trudno o bardziej odmienne postaci: Pius XI spędził większo Kertzer shows how the relationship between Pope Pius XI and Benito Mussolini played Action which Mussolini had long wanted but an obstinate Pius XI would not do. I

253º Papa da Igreja Católica Início pontificado 31.III, 5.IV.1829 Fim do pontificado 30.XI.1830 Nome nascimento Francesco Saverio Castiglioni Nascimento Cingoli Breve Inter multiplices (4 de setembro de 1829) [ Italiano] ] Breve

Not long after the completion of the villa, Pius IV Medici (1559-1565) encapsulated the fountain (1) with the foreground building on the left designed by Ligorio, and gave it to his nephew Carlo Borromeo (later canonized a saint). Borromeo's name appears in an inscription below the Medici arms of Pius IV at the second level. B' e Pàpa Eadailteach a bha ann am Pàpa Pius IV (Laideann Pàpa Pius P.P. IV,[1] Milano, 31 am Màrt 1499 - Cathair na Bhatacain, 9 an Giblean 1565. B' e Giovanni Angelo Medici di Marignano an t-ainm a bh' air bho thùs. Chaidh a thaghadh air an 25 an Dùbhlachd 1559 mar phàpa an dèidh bàs Pàpa Pòl IV. 'S e an 224mh fear a bh'ann.[2] Bhuineadh e do theaghlach beairteach uachdaranach

Blahoslavený Pius IX. (13. května 1792 Senigallia – 7. února 1878 Řím), vlastním jménem Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti byl 255. papežem katolické církve (1846 – 1878). Jeho pontifikát byl nejdelší doložený v historii papežství [pozn. 1], trval více než 31 let (přesněji 11 559 dní). V roce 1854 vyhlásil dogma o

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Pio XII. lat. Pius PP. XII. (Rim, 2. ožujka 1876. - Castel Gandolfo, Italija, 9. listopada 1958.), rođen kao Eugenio Pacelli, 260. nasljednik apostola Petra papa od 2021/01/13